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Enhance performance and longevity while keeping the beauty of what you already have with restoration instead of replacement.

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Whether you are a single- or multi-location franchise, protect your investment and enhance the look of your storefront with commercial glass work, design, and install services with Modern Glass & Aluminum, Inc.

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Using lightweight materials that are non-structural, curtain walls are an affordable option for a building’s exterior casing. Curtain walls allow energy efficiency and cost-reduction relating to heating, cooling, and lighting the building.

Exterior of St. George Science Building

Versatile and valuable, stainless steel is one the most sought after materials for its sleek aesthetic, superior strength, and low-maintenance qualities. Stainless steel is a long-lasting and cost-effective that does not need to be replaced since it never oxidizes or rusts.

Staircase in St. George Science Building

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